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We make personalized crystal frames, with the crystals you like most, for the purpose you want! Opened on Little Majlis in November 2016

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HI! Welcome to The Holistic Shop.
Introducing in UAE a new concept of using crystals energy in the home

How I make my Crystal Grids?
I bring the stones and crystals most of them from Argentina where I am from, or the places I travel. I personally chose and start imagining in my mind the grids for a specific purpose, then I choose the mandala or geometric pattern as a base, I print the design in canva papers. I clean and program the crystals, then start the fun part when I connect with them to choose how my next grid will be and for what purpose it will be designed.

Each framed Crystal Grid is slightly different, I can make similar ones with the same purpose, but you can never find two crystals identical if they are natural. Then I place them in a frame I feel will suit more with the colors of the crystals.

And also I make personalized crystal grids, for example for a specific purpose that a customer requires for example for love, creativity, reduce anxiety, to bring prosperity, etc. Also with the birthstones if you wish to give a different birthday present.

What is a Crystal Healing Grid?

A crystal grid is a special set of stones laid out in a particular formation for a specific purpose or intention. I use as the geometric shape where then I arrange the crystals , the Flower of Life, The Seed of Live or Metraton Cube, which ones have an energetic meaning that empower the crystals.

How does it work?

• If you would like you can cleanse it with sage, palo santo
• Place your grid in the place you feel it is needed.
• Activate your grid by stating, feeling or visualizing your intentions and purpose for this grid.
• Align your energies with the crystal grid
• Take care of your grid with love and respect.
• Enjoy the alignment with your intentions and the beautiful energy it will radiate to all your home or office, as well the beauty of the grid as decoration in your place.

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We delivery in UAE, and also international, please send us an email before buying to know the cost of the delivery to your country.

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